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App Programming for iPhone® and iPad®: Module 1

iOS (iPhone / iPad) App Programming: Module 1 is one of the two courses of PrimExpertise’s iOS App Programming series.
Module 1 focuses on conveying the basic skills which are necessary for creating your own iOS apps from scratch.
• The participants will learn how to use the tools and APIs included in the latest iOS SDK.
• Right from day one, the attendees will program their own iOS apps, gaining hands-on experience.
• Participants get answers to questions immediately so that they can start off creating their own iOS apps fast.
• Attendees save hundreds of hours of development time and frustration by focusing only on iOS development for three days with expert guidance.
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• Objective-C Basics for iOS development

• Model-View-Controller (MVC) Model and its use regarding the development of iOS apps

• Xcode 4.5 and how to use it

• Explication of the life cycle of an iPhone / iPad app

• Usage and significance of delegates, pointers, and the AppDelegate.

• Introduction into the most important UI elements and their creation and implementation

• Memory Management: Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) vs. Manual Reference Counting (MRC) for backward compatibility

• Manual programming vs. Interface Builder / Storyboarding

• Difference between UIScreen, UIWindow, and UIView

• Explanation, creation, and use of UINavigationController, UITableViewController, UITabBarController




• Highly recommended: Objective-C 2.0: Module 1 and Objective-C 2.0: Module 2


• At least one year of experience in software development


• Knowledge of the object-oriented programming concepts


• Good knowledge of an object-oriented programming language, such as C/C++, C#, Java or others



Schedule and Location

• 3 days, each day lasts 6 hours with a one hour break


• Hotel of our choice or at your facilities




Connecting courses


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