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App Development

Which smartphone operating systems does PrimExpertise command and develop for?

We command and develop apps for smartphones and tablet running on:

- iOS (iPhone® / iPad Mini® / iPad® / iPod Touch®)


- Android®


- Windows Phone® 8


- BlackBerry® 10


We also develop for


- Windows® 8


- Mac OS®


What is PrimExpertise's App Programming Specializations?

- PrimExpertise commands all four major smartphone operating systems with prime expertise and years of experience.

- Creation of synergy effects among apps tailored toward various operating systems within your heterogenous IT infrastructure

- Data-driven apps

- Logistics

- Mobile medicine

- E-learning

- Business to Business Apps

- Enterprise Apps / Inhouse-Apps


PrimExpertise's style of app development

PrimExpertise implements agile methods of development for iterative processes in order to guarantee you the high standard of quality you are looking for.


We always look at the big picture, and we focus on long-term relationships with our customers in order to deliver you the products you need.


Sophisticated and detailed documentation of code is a must for us, and we also audit the quality of our work on a regular basis.


Most importantly, you receive early and quick updated status information on the progress of your app programming projects, because we know that you need to know.


From day one onwards, a project manager will accompany you and lead your app project so that you will always have one specific partner who coordinates and communicates the news you require.


If you wish to know more about our consulting services, please visit this link.


What is PrimExpertise's step by step plan for app development?

- Creation of a development brief on the user requirement specifications about your project


- Specifying the objectives, functions, and the user's added value of your app


- Prototyping your app before implementing more features in order to keep the costs low


- After approving the development of the full app, PrimExpertise realizes the complete app