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App Consulting

Why do you need apps for your business?

After the victory march of smartphones and tablets in the past five years, companies have obtained new ways of communicating with and selling products to customers. Hence, smartphones and tablets have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, having created both completely new software products and new marketing channels reaching new markets. As a result, Apple's App Store and Google's Android Play Store are the current de facto biggest market places to sell your mobile software. What has emerged from this technological revolution is called mobile solutions.


From 2010 up to 2012, the IT industry created a new branch in the mobile solutions area, namely Business to Business (B2B) Apps. These B2B apps do not focus on being published in app marketplaces, such as Apple's App Store or Google Play. By contrast, B2B apps are mostly enterprise tools created for specific business needs that do not need to be available to the general public.


For instance, huge organizations nowadays use smartphones and/or tablets to administer their businesses, communicating with their employees and clients, and improving both productivity and efficiency. As a result, those organizations and corporations have increased their revenue constantly by implementing B2B apps tailored towards their specific needs.


As a result, it is a de facto disadvantage for many businesses if they cannot communicate with their clients via a mobile app, because there are so many other competitors who do use mobile apps in order to sell their products. Hence, it is practically an imperative to have a company-specific app.


However, these enterprises and organizations do not only need the hardware-specific software running on the current smartphone and tablet operating systems they use, but they do also require the prime engineering expertise concerning those technologies in order to create those business-specific, professional, and effective apps.


The fact of the matter is that many businesses do not have the man or skill set power regarding prime experts engineering the smartphone and tablet software that they so desperately need. As a result, many companies that do not have these two qualities fall short of their promises toward their customers, because customers want their product vendors to be up to date and to use state-of-the-art technology.


Unfortunately, acquiring new IT skills and having the necessary expertise for making your clients wishes come true takes time. Time which you cannot afford to waste. Hence, we, PrimExpertise, help you keep the promises you made to your customers.


We help you make your dreams come true.

Why should you hire PrimExpertise for App Consulting?

We know that each project and each client has his/her unique needs. Thus, we treat each project individually, discussing the objectives of your app concepts during a workshop in detail. As we are experts in the major smartphone app operating systems and as we provide long-term experience in software engineering, we evaluate your project accurately. By this, we offer you the prime expertise in our following app consulting services that you need:


- Feasability of your project

- Costs

- Timeframe

- Smartphone platforms

- Roll-out strategies

- Implementation into your IT infrastructure


- Project management


 What happens if you want PrimExpertise to continue and develop your app?

 If you want us to develop your app, we will follow the following procedure:


- Creation of a development brief on the user requirement specifications about your project


- Specifying the objectives, functions, and the user's added value of your app


- Prototyping your app before implementing more features in order to keep the costs low


If you are satisfied with the protoype of your app, then we will extend the set of features according to a follow-up document on the user requirement specifications.


What do you provide after development?

If you wish us to continue providing more services, we take care of the inconvenience of making your app being published in the different smartphone marketplaces, such as App Store or Google Play.


We provide you with smooth and efficient procedures, and we make sure that your app will be presented appropiately so that your app marketing is successful.


Finally, we also provide long-time support for your app regarding current or future questions.