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About Us

Who are we?

PrimExpertise is an IT company specialized in:


- Multilingual IT Training


- App Programming


- IT Consulting


What do we offer?

a) Multilingual IT Training

We offer IT trainings for software developers in English, German, and Spanish.

You can also book our premium courses with trainers having a native accent:


- Objective-C 2.0

- C/C++

- Java

- App programming for iPhone / iPad

- App programming for Android

- App programming for Windows 8

- App programming for Windows Phone 8

- App programming for BlackBerry 10


b) App Development

We offer app development for the following smartphone operating systems:


- iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch)

- Android

- Windows 8

- Windows Phone 8

- BlackBerry 10


c) IT Consulting

If you intend to create your own app for your business, a business partner, or your employees, we can provide you with the necessary skills, long-term and hands-on expertise.


We have specialized in business to business (B2B) apps so that we know very well what your B2B clients need and look for in smartphone apps.


Why us?

There are many other businesses offering you the service of training, software development, or IT consulting regarding smartphone apps. However, we stand out from the crowd due the following qualities:


a) Multilingual IT Training:

- All our trainers have a federal college degree in teaching

- All our trainers also have a higher degree (Master’s or PhD’s) mostly in Computer Science or other technical subjects

- All our trainers have several years of experience in teaching

- All our trainers are proficient in at least two languages (mostly, German and English)

- All our trainers are also software developers in their area of expertise, offering you valuable hands-on tips for creating your own smartphone apps

- All our courses are oriented toward a hands-on approach, because “lecturing a course” does not provide you with long-term success.

- All our courses can be booked either in English, German, or Spanish.

- We offer both in-house training or training at our facilities.

- Premium: Most courses can be booked with a trainer having a native accent in English, German, or Spanish.


b) App Development

- Each of our software developers has a technical degree, such as Computer Science

- Each of our software developers is proficient in at least two smartphone operating systems

- Each of our software developers has at least more than three years of experience in the software engineering industry

- We do not only offer you the prime expertise in app programming, but we also have the necessary industry branch knowledge for creating the app you need

- We offer you prime app programming expertise in data-driven, e-learning, and mobile health solutions.


c) IT Consulting

- Our consultants have a college degree, having specialized in a technical field.

- Our consultants have a profound knowledge of economics

- Our consultants have at least more than three years of consulting experience

- Our consultants are experts in the smartphone field

- We offer you prime consulting expertise in data-driven, e-learning, and mobile health solutions.


Who is our service for? 

Our services are primarily for IT professionals, software developers, and IT businesses interested in acquiring the necessary skills for creating their own smartphone apps or looking for a competent and experienced business partner in order to achieve their objectives.


Your added value

If you hire us, you will get one of the most complete IT service providers in the smartphone app programming industry.

Therefore, your added value is composed of our four core qualities which other IT companies can hardly match:


First, PrimExpertise considers itself a truely multilingual enterprise, facing the challenges globalization brings in. Therefore, we provide our services in the language you need. As a result, we offer our services in three of the most important languages used in technology in our modern day and age, English, German, and Spanish. We also provide you with the service of localization and internationalization of your project. This means that you do not need to go to another company, asking for translation. As a result, you save the time and money in acquiring and paying a third entity.


Second, you will benefit from our synergy effects, because we are not only software developer experts in the five most used mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and BlackBerry), but we do also teach the technology we use on a daily basis. Thus, we give you both the state-of-the-art technology knowledge your business needs and the straightforward not "nerdy-to-much-techie-speak" communication you expect.


Third, we were also in the same boat as you are when we started to enter the smartphone app market. Hence, we know what is required regarding planing, developing, and publishing your smartphone app, because we know what it takes to succeed and that you have a certain budget to achieve your goals. As a result, we save you the headache and frustration of not having the sufficient technical resources required for doing the job.


Fourth, we offer you the long-term experience and expertise in consulting that you need in order to make your projects as professional and efficient as possible. We know what is important regarding project management, and we know the hidden pitfalls that are not obvious for the less experienced. We know that you do not have the time nor the money to waste - you need prime expertise. We know how to make your projects go smoothly, because we have been helping our clients doing it for years.


Where can you find us?

Our business facilities are located in Ulm, Germany. This is a strategic location right between two of the most important German cities, Stuttgart and Munich. 


Who is behind PrimExpertise?


Attila Teglas, M.A., CEO

Attila Teglas verfügt über sechs Jahre Erfahrung in der Software-Entwicklungs-Branche. Er entwickelte und realisierte zahlreiche Projekte als Consultant, Software-Entwickler und IT-Projektleiter für Universitäten, mittelständische Firmen, Konzerne und für die Europäische Union. Während seiner Studienzeit wurden durch sein technisches Mitwirken Projekte mit dem ersten Platz prämiert.

Attila Teglas ist darüber hinaus auch IT-Trainer und Coach, der seit mehr als drei Jahren Informatikern und Nicht-Informatikern verschiedene IT-Fertigkeiten beibringt. Er doziert auch an Universitäten verschiedene Software-Entwicklungstechniken und -Programmiersprachen, um Informatikstudenten und Studierenden anderer Studienfächer moderne IT-Fertigkeiten beizubringen. Attila Teglas ist einer von sechs IT-Dozenten in ganz Deutschland, der Kurse für die App Programmierung für iPhone® und iPad® auf einem akademischen Niveau für Universitäten anbietet.